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How can I apply?

You can apply by post or online. If you apply by telephone, you must also confirm this in writing. You can also apply through a Language Travel Agent in your country. Please contact us for addresses of agents in your area.

When can I apply?

You can apply as soon as you have decided to take part in a course.

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

Yes, we always confirm that you have a course place. If after a few days you haven’t heard anything from us, please contact us again, in case we didn’t receive your application.

Tip: please check your spam folder!

Will I be told when the school receives my deposit?

No, normally we don’t confirm that we have received your deposit. If you would like to have a confirmation, please request it in writing.

How do I know what language level to apply for?

If you’re not sure which level you are, please tell us how long you have been learning German, and approximately how many lessons you have had.

Can I register for four weeks initially and then extend my course?

Yes, but please consider that the course will then be more expensive. Basically: the longer you register for, the lower the price. For example if you register for 24 weeks at the start, you pay 3,310 €. If you register at first for 4 weeks, and then extend the course month by month, you pay 3,680 €.

However, please keep in mind that you cannot cancel or shorten the course after it has started. Thus, if you are unsure about how long you can actually stay, it is better to book a shorter course period first and extend the course later. Otherwise you will lose the course payment because we cannot refund you if you discontinue the course.

You might be able to take out insurance against course discontinuation in your home country before you travel.

How can I pay?

You can pay the deposit by bank transfer or personally/through a contact person in our office. The rest of the course fees can be paid in our office at the start of the course, or by bank transfer. There are different conditions for students who need a visa (see “visas”). Students who register through a Language Travel Agent should ask the agent about methods of payment.

Can I transfer the whole course fees before the course starts?

Yes, that’s also possible. Here are our account details. Please wait for confirmation from us before you transfer the money.

Will I receive a bill before the start of the course?

On request we can send you a bill. We will in any case send you a confirmation of your course with a detailed breakdown of the cost.

How do I calculate the course costs?

You can find the course price in the price list in our brochure or in the chart on our website. If you also need a room, please add accommodation costs. Don’t forget that there is a 80 € administration fee for finding accommodation. These costs together add up to the total price.

How should I pay for accommodation?

Accommodation fees are normally paid directly to your host at the start of your stay. You can also pay at the same time as paying your course fees in the office or by bank transfer.

Are there holidays at KAPITO?

During the year there are no holidays. At the end of the year there is a 2-week Christmas break.

Can I take a break from the course if I want to go on vacation?

After 12 course weeks you can take a 1-week break, or alternatively you can take 2 weeks off after 24 course weeks. We can add this time to your booking so the original ending date would change by the number of weeks you took off. If you’d like to take a break, please make sure you inform our office about this at least one week in advance. If you’d like to take more weeks off, you’re free to do so, but in this case we cannot add that time to your booking.
Whether you can return to your old class after the break depends on your performance. You might have to change the class or take another test.

Important: if you have booked accommodation through us, you’ll have to pay the rent for the duration of the break as well!

How do I take out health insurance online?

By law you have to have health insurance in Germany. We recommend you take out insurance with Care Concept AG for your time with us. Follow this link to find out more and arrange insurance online:
Care College insurance for language students


  • First click on “Online application”,
  • then enter your personal details and information about your stay in Germany.
  • Next, you select the appropriate tariff. Tariffs differ in price and what they cover.
  • Payment can be made by direct debit, bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.
  • You should receive a confirmation email within an hour. This confirmation email can be submitted to the embassy.

Please let us know if you need some help.

What do I need to know about going to the doctor in Germany?

If you need a doctor while you are studying with us, you will need to see a general practioner (Hausarzt or Allgemeinmediziner). The doctor will examine you and may send you to a specialist (Facharzt) if you need extra tests (e.g a dermatologist for skin problems or cardiologist for heart problems). They might give you a prescription. Take this to the chemist (Apotheke) to pick up your medicine. You can visit a dentist (Zahnarzt) or GU clinic (Frauenarzt) without visiting the doctor first. You should only go to a hospital if you have an acute emergency.

Which health insurance do I need for university?

You’ve made it! You’ve successfully completed a language course with us. Should you now want to start a university course in Germany there are a few things to organize; enrollment, accommodation and health insurance.

You will need to have either public or private health insurance when you start your studies in Germany, e.g. with our insurance partners Care Concept AG – for more information please follow the links below:

We are happy to help you choose your insurance. Please come and visit us.

Which health insurance do I need as a language student?

In order to stay in Germany you will need valid health insurance. If your insurance in your home country doesn’t cover health costs in Germany, you can take out affordable insurance through us that covers the time of your course.

We also recommend taking out liability and accident insurance. Liability insurance covers costs arising from unintended damage that you may cause (e.g. traffic accidents). Accident insurance provides additional cover to health insurance in the case of an accident.

KAPITO can organize all these insurances for you to cover even short-time courses. Please let us know if you need some help.

How long is one lesson?

In Germany one lesson is 45 minutes.

What time do the classes take place?

The lessons take place Monday to Friday from 9am till 12.30, with a half hour break at 10.30. If you have booked an intensive course with 24 lessons per week, there are also afternoon lessons twice a week. These lessons normally start at 1.30 or 2pm. Individual lessons (Course Plus) also take place in the afternoon. Times will be arranged individually.

What will happen on the first day of my course?

On the first day all new students meet at 9am. They will be given general information about the school, the course program, the city etc. They will then take a level test and have a brief talk with a teacher. Beginners can usually start the lessons at 11am. In summer, when we have very many new students, they might be able to join their class only the next day at 9am. On the first day we usually offer an activity in the afternoon or evening as part of our social program.

What is a typical day at KAPITO?

After the lesson has finished at 12.30, you can go, like most students, to the university canteen (Mensa) for lunch (you can get lunch or supper here for € 4 – 6). For some students afternoon classes then start from 1.30pm. Others come back to KAPITO to write emails, get help with homework or just meet with friends. We close the school at 6pm at the latest.

How do I find the right group?

On the first day of the course there is a written and oral level test. Students will then be put into the appropriate group.

Are there any organized events?

Yes. On 3-4 afternoons or evenings a week we offer something to do, for example, sports, trips out, visiting museums, etc. KAPITO also regularly organizes weekend trips to other cities. During the summer courses in July and August there is an activity every weekday. The cost of our social program is included in the course price. This means that apart from personal expenses (e.g. drinks on a pub crawl) and transport costs for weekend trips (normally € 10) you don’t have to pay anything extra.

Can I use my laptop/tablet?

KAPITO has a lot of computers with Internet access which students can use for free. Students can also use their own devices to access our WLAN free of charge.

How many students are there at KAPITO?

There are between 120 and 150 students at KAPITO every month in 12 – 14 different level classes. Most students are between 18 and 25 years old but there are also many older students. Students must be at least 16 years old. We have students from about 40 countries.

In the summer (July and August) we have up to 200 students in 16-18 different classes. During that time there are also many students under the age of 18.

Where is Münster?

Münster is located in Northwest Germany, about 170 km north of Cologne.

How do I get to Münster?

You can fly to Münster: Flughafen Münster/Osnabrück (FMO). You can also fly to Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Cologne or Frankfurt and then travel to Münster by train. We can book all airport transfers for you. You can of course also come by car or train (Münster/Westfalen, Hauptbahnhof).

See also Travel to Münster

How do I find KAPITO when I’m in Münster?

KAPITO is in the city centre (Servatiiplatz), a few minutes away from the station. You can travel with almost any bus to Servatiiplatz. Ask your host about the best way to get here.

How do I get to my accommodation?

If you arrive at Münster Airport: there are regular buses to the centre (to the Hauptbahnhof). From there you can get a taxi. You can also take a taxi directly from the airport to your accommodation.

If you arrive at another airport: take a train to Münster. At Münster station get a taxi or a bus.

If you arrive by train: take a taxi from the station. A journey from the station to addresses in the city centre will cost about € 12 – 20. You can of course take a bus instead.

Can I order a transfer?

Yes. We can organize for you to be picked up at the airport. The taxi will then bring you straight to your accommodation. Please ask us at least 1 week before your arrival (the earlier the better) and send us your exact flight details. If you also need a transfer for your return, you can arrange this in our office.

When do I need to arrive?

Students should arrive the day before the course begins, i.e. on a Sunday. Your host will be expecting you. Please tell your host or KAPITO the approximate time of your arrival as soon as you can. If you can’t travel on Sunday but will arrive later, please let KAPITO and your host know.

I will be in Münster a few days before the start of my course. Where can I stay?

If you will be in Münster one or two days early, we can ask your host if you can already move in. If you will be in Münster a lot earlier and your room isn’t free, we can recommend some reasonably priced hotels.

When will I get the address for my accommodation?

We send the accommodation address about 2 weeks before the start of the course. We send this the fastest way, i.e. if we have your email address, we will send you an email, so please check your mailbox regularly and send us your new email address if it changes.

If you haven’t heard anything a week before your course starts, please contact us. The message could have got lost.

Which accommodation can I book?

All the available rooms are single rooms in an accommodation with one or more hosts (except for in apartments, where you live alone).

You can book a room with breakfast included, half-board or self-catering. Bathrooms are shared and, if self-catering, you share a kitchen with the hosts.

You will be sharing with a family, flatmates or a single person.

We can recommend reasonably-priced good local hotels on request.

What do “family”, “single person” and “flatshare” mean?

A family consists of married or unmarried couples with children, some of whom may have moved out, or older couples or single mothers and fathers. Living with a family is usually more comfortable and more spacious than living in a flatshare; however, the homes are not always very central.

A “single person” refers to someone who lives alone and has a room available in their home.

A “flatshare” (Wohngemenschaft) refers to a small community of people who live together. In Münster this usually consists of students but older professionals living together is also common.

Can I stay near the school?

No problem! Select “under 2 kilometers” when you book your accommodation. Unfortunately it is not possible to change this afterwards.

How far is my accommodation from the school?

Many of the rooms are in the center of town. The rooms that are further away can easily be reached by bus or bicycle (most in under 30 minutes). Some hosts provide bicycles free of charge or for a small fee.

The maximum distance between the accommodation and the school is 8 km. If you want to stay nearer the school, we offer the option “under 2 kilometers” which is slightly more expensive (see our price list).

I would like stay in a room with half-board at first, then change to self-catering. Is that possible?

That’s not a problem. State your accommodation preferences when you register on the course so that we can take them into consideration. Please note that you will need to pay an administration fee every time we arrange a new accommodation for you (€ 70).

My boyfriend/girlfriend/parents want to visit me. Where can they stay?

In the KAPITO office you can get information about hotels of different price categories.

Important information about accommodation

The room is only available for the period of the course (from Sunday to Saturday). Any other times must be agreed on in advance with KAPITO.

You are obliged to look after your room, to clean it before you leave and to cover the cost of any damage that may occur. There will be a handover with your hosts on the day you leave.

Things can easily get broken from time to time so we recommend taking out liability insurance. Follow this link to our insurance partners Care Concept AG:

KAPITO can organize all these insurances for you to cover even short-time courses. Please let us know if you need some help.

After my course I want to stay for longer in Münster. Can I keep my room?

Normally students travel back on the Saturday after the end of their course. If your return flight is one or two days later, or if you want to stay longer, please let our accommodation office know when you register for your course.

Do I need a visa?

The best way to find out if you need a visa is to look at the homepage of the Foreign Office. There you will find the address of the German embassy in your home country, where you can ask about the exact requirements for entering Germany.

Please remember, if you need a visa to travel and want to study or attend a long language course in Germany you cannot enter the country on a tourist visa. A tourist visa cannot be extended.

I need a visa. What should I do?

If you need a visa to attend a language course please send us your course registration in the first instance. You will then receive our invoice for the course with a brief confirmation message. After you have paid the invoice we will send you a letter of confirmation by post or email that you can hand in to the embassy. Check with the German embassy in your home country ( whether you need any other supporting documents. Be aware that your visa application may take several weeks or even months to process. Make sure you allow plenty of time.

What do I do if I don’t get the visa in time?

If you haven’t received your visa in time, please let us know at least 2 weeks before the course is due to begin. We will then postpone the start of the course to a later date.

My visa application was rejected. What do I do now?

If you can’t get a visa and need to withdraw your course registration, please let us know as soon as possible (two weeks before the course starts at the latest). Please send the rejection letter from the embassy to us by fax or email. We will then refund any course or accommodation fees that you have already paid to us minus our administration fee (see our Terms & Conditions).

Admission requirements

There are two ways to get into a German university:

  1. You have a school-leaving certificate that is equivalent to the German “Abitur” or you have completed at least a year’s university study in your home country. After passing a German language test you can directly apply for university.
  2. You don’t have an equivalent school-leaving certificate and haven’t studied at a university in your home country. In this case you will have to visit a preparatory college in Germany for 1 year to take lessons in a variety of subjects (German, mathematics, biology, etc.). If you successfully pass the final examination you can apply for university. You do not have to take any further German language tests.

You will only be accepted at a preparatory college if you have a German language level of B2. Follow this link to see how your school-leaving certificate is evaluated:

Bank account/blocked account

In order to get a visa or a residence permit for Germany you will need to prove that you can cover the cost of living. You will need one of the following documents:

Our recommendation:

Open a blocked account with our partner Care Concept: Here you can open your blocked account in your home country. At the same time, you get a free current account for payment transactions in Germany.

We would be happy to help you open your blocked account with Care Concept! Contact us