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Studying at university in Germany

In Germany there are private and state universities offering more than 20,000 courses. You have to pay fees for private universities (usually between 3,000 € and 10,000 € per year). The state universities are normally free.

Our University Preparation Course prepares beginners and more advanced students for the German language exams for admission to university (TestDaF/ DSH/ C1 University) and also the preparatory college (Studienkolleg) exam.

On request we can check your university application documents, help you with your visa application and send you relevant information:

Admission requirements

There are two ways to get into a German university:

  1. You have a school-leaving certificate that is equivalent to the German “Abitur” or you have completed at least a year’s university study in your home country. After passing a German language test you can directly apply for university.
  2. You don’t have an equivalent school-leaving certificate and haven’t studied at a university in your home country. In this case you will have to visit a preparatory college in Germany for 1 year to take lessons in a variety of subjects (German, mathematics, biology, etc.). If you successfully pass the final examination you can apply for university. You do not have to take any further German language tests.

You will only be accepted at a preparatory college if you have a German language level of B2. Follow this link to see how your school-leaving certificate is evaluated:


When you register for one of our German courses, include a copy of your school-leaving certificates, what you would like to study and, if possible, your preferred place of study.

We will then get your documents checked (fee: 100 €). 4 – 6 weeks later you will receive a document which will state whether you can go straight to university or whether you need to visit a preparatory college (Studienkolleg) first. If you present this preliminary document (Vorprüfdokumentation) with your visa application and the course confirmation letter from us at the German embassy in your home country, you can obtain a university applicants visa.

Bank account/blocked account

In order to get a visa or a residence permit for Germany you will need to prove that you can cover the cost of living. You will need one of the following documents:

Our recommendation:

Open a blocked account with our partner Care Concept: Here you can open your blocked account in your home country. At the same time, you get a free current account for payment transactions in Germany.

In addition to study programs taught in German, universities also offer study programs taught in English.

Here are some examples of websites where you can find more information about courses and choose universities.