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Deutschkurs in Münster bei KAPITO

German Language Courses at KAPITO in Münster!

Would you like to learn the German language in order to study at a German university, work in Germany or simply to improve your German knowledge just for the fun of it? Whatever your motivation is, KAPITO Language School, in the vibrant university town Münster, has the right German course for you! Deciding for our German language courses at KAPITO will ensure that you reach your goal, efficiently and enjoyably in a relaxed and personable learning environment.

Learn German at KAPITO

If you already have some knowledge of German, you can start your course at KAPITO on any given Monday. Without any prior learning, you would start your course on a fixed date.

In a small, multi-national group, with a maximum class size of 12, you will easily improve your general knowledge of German, or prepare for various language exams and, in the process find new friends from all over the world.

Each class has two teachers, each thoroughly committed to their students’ individual language development.

In addition to attending German classes you’re free to join with our learning support group in the afternoon to work on your homework, do further exercises, or study specifically for an exam.

And we know: anyone who studies a lot needs some recreation! That’s why all our courses include our cultural and social program. City tours, sports events, visits to museums, pub nights, creative afternoons, we cater to all tastes. Meet up with your new friends for our activities and practice what you learned in class that morning along the way.

Remember: our cultural and social program, our learning support in the afternoon and all teaching materials (books and photocopies) are all included in the course price!

Deutsch lernen bei KAPITO

Our German Courses in Münster/ Germany

Timetable – Intensive Course
Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 12.30 pm

Timetable – Intensive Plus Course and University Course
Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 12.30 pm
Additionally, on 2 afternoons per week: 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

20 lessons per week
max. 12
from 140 € per week
course infoLearn safely and quickly in a small group
24 lessons per week
max. 12
from 3.010 € for 16 weeks
course infoStudy in Germany or go to the preparatory college and prepare for the exam.
24 lessons per week
max. 12
from 170 € per week
course infoIn addition to the intensive course, skills training, grammar and exam preparation in the afternoon
20 lessons per week
max. 12
from 200 € per week
course infoCombine effective learning with holidays in a young, attractive city and take advantage of an extensive leisure program.
24 lessons per week
max. 12
from 235 € per week
course infoCombine effective learning with holidays in a young, attractive city and take advantage of an extensive leisure program.
30 lessons per week
max. 12 / 1
from 670 € per week
course infoImprove your German in just a few weeks and learn professional content in individual lessons.
20 or 30 lessons per week
1 - 2
from 920 € per week
course infoA program tailored to you so that you can achieve your language goals as quickly as possible.
20 lessons per week
max. 6
200 €
course infoDo you want to prepare for the specialist language test at the Medical Association?

Price Examples German Course with Accommodation

German Intensive Course
Standard course, 4 weeks760 €
Single room without meals, 4 weeks440 €
Accommodation arrangement100 €
total1.300 €
Intensive Course Plus
Intensive plus course, 4 weeks910 €
Single room without meals, 4 weeks440 €
Accommodation arrangement100 €
total1450 €
Summer Intensive Course
Summer intensive course, 4 weeks860 €
Single room without meals, 4 weeks440 €
Accommodation arrangement100 €
total1.400 €
Summer Intensive Plus Course
Summer intensive plus course, 4 weeks1.010 €
Single room without meals, 4 weeks440 €
Accommodation arrangement100 €
total1.550 €
+++ No extra registration fees; course textbooks are included in the price +++

Top Benefits at KAPITO

  • individualized advice and support for learning German
  • a relaxed and personable learning environment
  • KAPITO boasts more than 30 years’ experience as specialists in GFL (German as a Foreign Language)
  • located in the city-center of Münster
  • German courses run from 1 week to 36 weeks and more
    no hidden costs: teaching material, registration and placement test already included
  • social and cultural program and daily learning support in the afternoon already included
  • comprehensive service offered: accommodation arrangement, support for visa and insurance, study counseling, Münster information folder
  • you receive a certificate corresponding to your level (e.g. A2, B1, etc.)
  • exams conducted on-site at KAPITO: TELC A1 to C1 Hochschule, TestDaF, TestAS
  • pathway available to studying at a German university

KAPITO is in Münster

KAPITO-Teilnehmer auf dem Prinzipalmarkt Münster

Münster is a lively university city in the Northwest of Germany with despite its 330,000+ inhabitants. Getting around is easy and safe.

More than 60,000 students attend the various institutions of higher education, around 5,000 come from abroad. The variety of academic institutions and the broad range of study and research subjects make Münster one of the most popular places to study in Germany.

Students, and young people in general define much of the pace of life in the city and contribute to Münster’s lively atmosphere.
Getting around in the city is easy – though there is no subway in Münster, the city is one of the most bicycle-friendly places in Germany, with an extensive network of bike lanes and trails Those who prefer other means of transport can rely on an excellent mass transit-network of buses and trains.

According to surveys taken among our students, over 90% of them rate Münster with the top grade of “excellent”. Students and others enjoy Münster’s green spaces, friendly people, interesting architecture and abundant leisure activities. Most find the city pleasant, comfortable, and very attractive – neither too large nor too small.

Deutsch lernen in Münster

Top Benefits of Münster

  • accent-free German
  • young, dynamic university town of more than 330,000 residents
  • significant destination for academics and research, with more than 60,000 students/li>
  • historic, picturesque city center,
    a revitalized Münster Harbor with restaurants, entertainment
  • diverse leisure activities
  • most popular means of transportation: bicycles
  • green city: Promenade, parks, Lake Aa, botanical garden
  • easy and fast connections to other cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Amsterdam

A1 German Courses in Münster and many more: Language Levels A1 – C1!

On your first course day you’ll take a placement test, then you’ll join the class at the best suited level for you. The four language skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking are measured according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the levels of which are structured as follows:

A1 and A2 = beginner and elementary

B1 and B2 = pre-intermediate and intermediate

C1 = upper intermediate/advanced

As a rule, we calculate 8 weeks per level; for B2 and C1 it’s usually 12 weeks or more.

After successfully completing your German course, you’ll receive a certificate corresponding to your level (e.g. A2, B1, etc.).

Find a detailed description of the levels here: CEFR global scale.


German C1
C1 = 8 weeks

German B2
B2 = 12 weeks

German B1
B1 = 8 weeks

German A2
A2 = 8 weeks

German A1
A1 = 8 weeks

German Language Exams in our Accredited Language School

KAPITO is an accredited and licensed German language test centre for the TELC and the TestDaF Institute. We prepare you for the TELC exams A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 Hochschule as well as for the TestDaF and DSH exams. C1 Hochschule, TestDaF and DSH are officially approved German language exams for university admission in Germany. All exams except DSH can be taken at KAPITO on a regular basis.

Service for KAPITO Students

We support you thoroughly and competently with our comprehensive service to make sure your German language course is a complete success. your very first contact until the moment that you receive your certificate on the last course day we consult you on an individual basis, arranging your accommodations with German hosts should you request it, also helping you with questions regarding => health insurance and => visa. Our doors are always open to assist you!

Accommodations for Your German Language Course

For the time of your German course with us, we can offer you accommodations with German hosts. Depending on your wishes, you can stay with a family or with a single person, with several flatmates in a shared apartment or alone in your own apartment.

You can book a room with breakfast or half board or you can cook for yourself and share the kitchen with your hosts. Whatever suits you best!

All rooms are single rooms and are not far from the school, so it usually takes you no more than 30 minutes to get there on foot, by bus or by bike.

German Lessons at KAPITO

Our lessons are clearly structured and are oriented towards the European Reference Framework. Modern media, up-to-date course material and a combination of text and vocabulary work, grammar, phonetics and conversation make effective, efficient learning possible. The classes are small and made up of people from various countries, and the emphasis is always on the practical use of language, i.e. on the participants’ ability to speak and understand.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our German Language Courses

How long is one lesson?

In Germany one lesson is 45 minutes.

What time do the classes take place?

The lessons take place Monday to Friday from 9am till 12.30, with a half hour break at 10.30. If you have booked an intensive course with 24 lessons per week, there are also afternoon lessons twice a week. These lessons normally start at 1.30 or 2pm. Individual lessons (Course Plus) also take place in the afternoon. Times will be arranged individually.

What will happen on the first day of my course?

On the first day all new students meet at 9am. They will be given general information about the school, the course program, the city etc. They will then take a level test and have a brief talk with a teacher. Beginners can usually start the lessons at 11am. In summer, when we have very many new students, they might be able to join their class only the next day at 9am. On the first day we usually offer an activity in the afternoon or evening as part of our social program.

What is a typical day at KAPITO?

After the lesson has finished at 12.30, you can go, like most students, to the university canteen (Mensa) for lunch (you can get lunch or supper here for € 4 – 6). For some students afternoon classes then start from 1.30pm. Others come back to KAPITO to write emails, get help with homework or just meet with friends. We close the school at 6pm at the latest.

How do I find the right group?

On the first day of the course there is a written and oral level test. Students will then be put into the appropriate group.

Are there any organized events?

Yes. On 3-4 afternoons or evenings a week we offer something to do, for example, sports, trips out, visiting museums, etc. KAPITO also regularly organizes weekend trips to other cities. During the summer courses in July and August there is an activity every weekday. The cost of our social program is included in the course price. This means that apart from personal expenses (e.g. drinks on a pub crawl) and transport costs for weekend trips (normally € 10) you don’t have to pay anything extra.

Can I use my laptop/tablet?

KAPITO has a lot of computers with Internet access which students can use for free. Students can also use their own devices to access our WLAN free of charge.

How many students are there at KAPITO?

There are between 120 and 150 students at KAPITO every month in 12 – 14 different level classes. Most students are between 18 and 25 years old but there are also many older students. Students must be at least 16 years old. We have students from about 40 countries.

In the summer (July and August) we have up to 200 students in 16-18 different classes. During that time there are also many students under the age of 18.