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Lessons have a clear structure and are oriented towards the European Reference Framework. Modern media, up-to-date course material and the combination of text and vocabulary work, grammar, phonetics and conversation make effective learning possible.

The classes are small and made up of people from various countries, and the emphasis is always on the practical use of language, i.e. on the participants’ ability to speak and understand.

Each course starts with a placement test and a personal interview to ensure each student is taught at the right level. After their German course has finished, each student receives a certificate with a grade which shows the level they have achieved.

KAPITO is synonymous with quality: our teaching and the school organisation are regularly checked by independent inspectors. KAPITO is also member of “International Association of Languages Centres – IALC” , a school association which can be contacted should any difficulties arise or if you are dissatisfied with KAPITO’s services in any way.

Course Levels

After a placement test and an interview at KAPITO you are assigned to classes which correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR levels distinguish between language ability in reading, listening, writing and reading:

  • A1 and A2 = elementary
  • B1 and B2 = independent
  • C1 = competent

As a rule, it takes 8 weeks to successfully complete a level. The B2 and C1 levels normally take longer than 8 weeks. At the end of each course participants receive a certificate with a grade.

If you would like to find out more about the levels, you can download the CEFR global scale here.

KAPITO language levels

Deutsch C1
C1 = 8 weeks

Deutsch B2
B2 = 12 weeks

Deutsch B1
B1 = 8 weeks

Deutsch A2
A2 = 8 weeks

Deutsch A1
A1 = 8 weeks


KAPITO is a licensed test centre for the telc and the TestDaf Institute. We prepare our students for German (Deutsch) A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 University (Hochschule), TestDaF and DSH exams.