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Our next German classes

    These are the next starting dates of our courses:
    German A1.1 starts on 27.05.,   01.07. and on 29.07.2024
    A2.1 starts on 27.05.,  24.06. and on 22.07.2024
    B1.1 starts on 27.05., 22.07. and on 19.08.2024
    B2.1 starts on 24.06. and on 22.07.2024
    C1 starts on 24.06., 22.07. and on 12.08.2024
    Subject to change.
    We currently have ongoing courses at all levels, which you can also join.
    It is possible to join existing classes on any Monday
    On  29 July, 02 and 30 September  2024 the next University Courses for beginners of the German language will start.
    Registration for any class is possible at any time