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Lessons and Course Programme

How long is a teaching hour?

45 minutes

When are the lessons?

The lessons take place every day from 9 o'clock till 12.30. There is a half hour break at 10.30. If you have booked an intensive course with 24 hours a week, there are also afternoon lessons twice a week. These lessons normally start at 1.30 or 2pm. Individual lessons (Course Plus) also take place in the afternoon. Times will be organised individually.

Can I take an official exam?

KAPITO offers the following exams:

  • Start Deutsch 1
  • Start Deutsch 2
  • Deutsch B1
  • Deutsch B2
  • Deutsch C1
  • TestDaF
  • Deutsch B2/C1 für Mediziner

Please find exam dates here.

How do I find the right group?

On the first day of the course there is a written and oral level test. Students will then be put into the appropriate group.

What will happen on the first day of my course?

On the first day all new students meet at 9 o'clock. You will be given general information about the school, the course programme, the city etc. You will then take a level test and have a short talk with the teacher. Beginners can usually start the lessons at 11 o’clock. In some circumstances, advanced students who need longer for the test might be able to join their class only the next day at 9am. In the afternoon or evening we offer an activity as part of our social programme.

What does a day at KAPITO look like?

After the lesson is finished at 12.30, you can go like most students to the University Canteen for lunch (you can get lunch or supper here for 4 - 6 EUR). For some students afternoon classes then start from 1.30pm. Others come back to KAPITO to write emails, get help with homework or just meet with friends. We close the school at 6pm.

Are events for free time also organised?

Yes. 3-4 afternoons of evenings a week we offer something to do, for example sports, trips out, visiting museums etc. KAPITO also regularly organises a weekend trip to other cities. In the summer courses in July and August there is an event every weekday. The cost for free time activities are included in the course price. This means that apart from personal costs (for example drinks on a pub crawl) and travel costs for weekend trips (normally 10 €) you don't have to pay anything.

Can I use my laptop/tablet?

KAPITO has a lot of computers with internet access which students can use for free. Students can also use their own devices to access our „WLAN“ free of charge.

How many students are there at KAPITO and which countries do they come from?

There are between 80 and 120 students at KAPITO every month, in 10 - 12 different level classes. Most students are between 18 and 25 years old, but there are also older students. Students must be over 16 years old. In 2015 students came from:  


  • Spain: 6 %
  • Switzerland 8 %
  • Japan: 5 %
  • Israel: 7 %
  • USA: 3 %
  • Italy: 5 %
  • Ukraine: 3 %
  • The Netherlands: 2 %
  • Brasil: 5 %
  • Korea: 10 %
  • Columbia: 4 %

We have students from a total of about 40 countries. In the summer (July and August) we have up to 200 students in 16-18 different classes. During that time there are also many students under the age of 18.