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Application and Payment

How can I apply?

You can apply by post, fax or online. If you apply with us by telephone, you must also confirm this in writing. As soon as you have applied, please transfer the deposit for the course. You can also apply through a Language Travel Agent in your country. Please contact us for addresses of agents in your area

When can I apply?

You can apply as soon as you have decided to take part in a course.

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?

Yes, we always confirm that you have a course place. If after a few days you haven't heard anything from us, please contact us again, in case we didn't receive your application.

Will I be told when the school receives my deposit?

No, normally we don't confirm that we have received your deposit. If you would like to have a confirmation, please request in writing.

How do I know what language level to apply for ?

If you're not sure which level you are, please tell us how long you have been learning German, and approximately how many hours of lessons you have had.

Can I register for four weeks at first and then extend my course?

Yes, but please consider that the course will then be more expensive. Basically: the longer you register for, the lower the price. For example if you register for 24 weeks at the start, you would pay 3,310 €. If you register at first for 4 weeks, and then extend the course month by month you would pay 3,680 €.

However, please keep in mind that you cannot cancel or shorten the course after it has started. Thus, if you are unsure about how long you can actually stay, it is better to book a shorter course period first and extend the course later. Otherwise you will lose the course payment because we cannot refund anything if you discontinue the course.

You might be able to take out an insurance against course discontinuation in your home country before you travel.

How can I pay?

You can pay the deposit by bank transfer, credit card or personally/through a contact person in our office. The rest of the course fees can be paid in our office at the start of the course, or alternatively by bank transfer or credit card. There are different conditions for students who need a visa (see “visas”). Students who register through a Language Travel Agent, should ask the agent about methods of payment.

Can I transfer the whole course fees before the start of the course?

Yes, that's also possible. Here are our account details.

Will I receive a bill before the start of the course?

On request we can send you a bill.

How can I work out the course costs?

You can find the course price in the price list in our brochure or in a chart on our website. If you also need a room, please add accommodation costs. Don't forget that there is a 70 € administration fee for finding the accommodation These costs together add up to the total price.

How should I pay for accommodation?

Accommodation fees are normally paid directly to your host at the start of your stay. You can also pay together with your course fees in the office or by bank transfer. You can find more information about accommodation here.

Are there holidays at KAPITO?

During the year there are no holidays. At the end of the year there is a 2-week Christmas break.

Can I take a break from the course if I want to go on vacation?

After 12 course weeks you can take a 1-week break, after 24 course weeks you can take off another 2 weeks. We can add this time (max. 3 weeks) to your booking so the original ending date would change by the number of weeks you took off. If you’d like to take a break, please make sure to inform our office about this at least one week in advance. If you’d like to take more weeks off, you’re free to do so, but in this case we cannot add that time to your booking.
Whether you can return to your old class after the break depends on your performance. You might have to change the class or take another test.

 Important: if you have booked an accommodation through us, you’ll have to pay the rent for the duration of the break as well!