These are the next dates of our courses:

A1.1 starts on 11 January 2021
A1.2 starts on 01 February 2021
A2 starts on 01 March 2021
B1 starts on 11 January 2021
B2 starts on 01 February and on 29 March 2021
C1 you can join already existing class any Monday

On 11 January and 29 March the next University Courses for beginners will start, preparing students for the German language exams required for university admission. Duration of the course: 24 to 36 weeks.
The next TestDaF preparation course begins on 25 January 2021.
Some courses are mixed (hybrid) classes, which means that some students take part on-site at KAPITO and others join the class online. Watch how that works:
Registration is possible at any time
It’s possible to start the course on any Monday; you can join already existing classes as well.