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Intensive Course

In addition to the morning classes of the Standard Course, the Intensive Course has an extra double lesson on 2 afternoons per week, offering skills training, grammar and exam preparation.

24 lessons
max. 11
from 165 € per week
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Intensive Course (24 lessons per week)

  • all year round
  • starts every Monday (absolute beginners see course dates)
  • minimum age 16 years
  • from 1 week
  • 24 lessons per week (20 lessons in the Standard Course + 2 x 2 lessons in the afternoon: listening + speaking, grammar, examination preparation)
  • max. 11 participants per group (12 in July and August)
  • learning support and homework supervision in the afternoons
  • 3 – 4 cultural or social events per week (5 in July and August)

Dates and Prices

1 week240 €
2 weeks460 €
3 weeks670 €
4 weeks870 €
8 weeks1.580 €
12 weeks2.250 €
16 weeks2.870 €
20 weeks3.440 €
24 weeks3.970 €
price per week after the 4th week220 €
price per week after the 12th week180 €
price per week after the 24th week150 €
Kurs plus460 €
Starting dates:every Monday
Recommended starting dates: 06.01., 03.02., 02.03., 30.03., 27.04., 02.06., 06.07.(S), 03.08.(S), 31.08., 28.09., 26.10., 23.11.2019
Absolute beginners can start only on these dates

1 Lesson = 45 minutes

Students who have participated in KAPITO courses in previous years can get a discount of € 50 (there must be a period of at least 3 months between the courses).

The price of the course includes:

  • application fee
  • tuition
  • course material
  • cultural and social program
  • certificate
  • access to library and computers including internet access
  • learning support and homework supervision during the afternoons
  • advice about university admission
  • student card
  • support for visa applications.

Lessons have a clear structure and are oriented towards the European Reference Framework. Modern media, up-to-date course material with a combination of text and vocabulary work, grammar, phonetics and conversation make effective learning possible.

The classes are small and made up of people from various countries, and the emphasis is always on the practical use of language, i.e. on the participants’ ability to speak and understand.

Each group is taught by two tutors and, most importantly, from the very first lesson the teaching language is German.

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