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University Course 2014

In our university course, we prepare participants for the university entrance language examinations TestDaF and DSH. The course comprises a basic module (beginners) and an advanced module (non-beginners). The basic module lasts 20 weeks and works on levels A1, A2 and B1. The advanced module lasts 16 weeks and works on levels B2 and C1. The last 4 weeks of the advanced module are devoted mainly to training for the examination.

The language teaching is geared right from the start to meeting the university entrance examination requirements and to providing you with the language skills you will need during your university course. Working in small groups with at most 12 participants, you learn not only grammar and everyday communication but also, from a very early stage, how to work with written texts, to produce written work on specific topics, to understand lengthy and complex listening texts and take notes from them, etc.

The basic and advanced modules each have 26 tuition periods per week; the total course lasts 36 weeks and therefore comprises altogether 936 tuition periods. You also have the possibility to take part in free learning support and homework supervision in the afternoons.

Basic module
20 weeks, for absolute beginners
  • Courses begin on 06.01., 31.03., 04.08., 01.09.2014
  • Content: Levels A1, A2 and B1
  • Duration: 20 weeks, altogether 520 tuition periods (26 per week + learning support)
  • Course goal: The module ends with the completion of level B1; work continues with the advanced modules on 26.05.2014, 18.08.2014, 05.01.2015, 02.02.2015
  • Price: 3.120 €
Advanced module
16 weeks, for students with German proficiency enabling them to start level B2 (i.e. the level on completion of the basic module)
  • Courses begin on 06.01., 03.02., 26.05., 18.08.2014, 05.01.2015,
  • Content: Levels B2 and C1, examination training
  • Duration: 16 weeks, altogether 416 tuition periods (26 per week + learning support)
  • Course goal: The module ends with attainment of the DSH/TestDaF level
  • Price: 2.600 €
    Students who have already completed the basic module pay 2.340 €
Special price for booking both courses and making payment before the start of the course: 4.990 €

TestDaF examination dates 2014: 13.02., 24.04., 11.06., 15.07., 11.09., 13.11.

Учебный час = 45 минут
Участники, посетившие в предыдущие годы уже один из курсов KAPITO, получают единовременную скидку 50 евро.
В цену курса включены: регистрационный сбор, занятия, учебные материалы, культурная программа и программа проведения свободного времени, сертификат, пользование библиотекой и компьютерами, включая доступ к интернету, сопровождение при обучении и помощь при выполнении домашних заданий в послеобеденное время, консультация по вопросам дальнейшего обучения, студенческое удостоверение, визовая поддержка

Kapito Sprachschule

Kapito Sprachschule

Kapito Sprachschule